Difference Between Dual Inverter And Inverter AC

As summer grew up rapidly most of people thinking to buy air conditioner? But buying AC is not a easy task. You should know many parameters before buying any AC. Do you have any idea about inverter or dual inverter AC? Don’t worry you will get vast knowledge about single inverter and dual inverter AC or Difference between Dual Inverter and Inverter AC in below article.

Between single and dual inverter AC, the dual inverter AC is new technology. Due to drawback in single inverter company like LG, Sanyo invented dual inverter AC technology. The companies claim that you will get better performance, energy efficiency in dual inverter AC. You might have seen ads of dual inverter AC on tv, YouTube or social media. So let’s explore the knowledge.

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The difference between Dual Inverter and Inverter AC are—

  Single Inverter Dual Inverter
Rotary Single Dual
Noise High compare to dual Almost nill
Cooling time Slow Fast
Capacity Run almost same capacity Can vary capacity according to temperature
Speed Can operate in low speed than dual Can operate in high speed like 800rpm
Durability Less, due high movement and fiction of rotary High, due to less movement and fiction of rotary
Efficiency Less High
Cost Less High

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Best Single inverter AC

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

It is Wi-Fi Split AC with Twin Cool Inverter compressor where you can adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient, lowest-noise operation, seamless hands-free operation and Voice Control with Alexa or Google Assistant. It has capacity 1.5 Ton which is suitable for medium sized rooms (121 to 180 sq ft). It is equipped with Powerful and Dry Mode for different cooling needs. The energy star sating is 5 Star and annual Power consumption is 840.75 kWh | ISEER: 4.7 and operating volt. range : 145 – 285 V. This is AC comes with Copper Condenser Coil with Shield Blu Technology which enhances durability in high humidity coastal areas.

Along with that it has some special features like Wi-Fi Air Conditioner, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Voice Control, Smart Diagnosis with One Touch Service, PM 2.5 Filter, Customized Sleep Profiles, Remote Access and Control with Miraie and Stabilizer Free Operation. Finally the AC comes with Manufacturer 1 Year Comprehensive | 5 years on PCB |10 years on Compressor warranty.

Best Dual inverter AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Split AC

This AC comes with dual inverter compressor and variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient, lowest-noise operation and Suitable for medium sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft). It has energy rating 5 Star (Best in class efficiency) and annual energy consumption 818.81 Units per year, ISEER Value: 4.73. The Copper With ocean black protection technology prevents from rust & corrosion and increase durability with uninterrupted cooling.

Along with that it has some key features AI Dual Inverter, Super Convertible 6-in-1 cooling, AI Convertible, ThinQ (Wi-Fi), Voice Control with Alexa and Google Assistant, 4 Way Air Swing, Anti Allergic Filter, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection, Cools at 52⁰ C, Low gas detection, Ez Clean Filter, 100% Copper Condenser, 6 Fan Speed steps, Hi Grooved Copper, Stabilizer Free Operation, Smart Diagnosis System, Comfort Air, Magic Display. It uses Refrigerant gas R32 which is Environmental friendly and no ozone depletion potential. It has 1 Year on Product, 5 Years on PCB and 10 Years on Compressor with gas charging manufacturer warranty.


Efficiency has become vital within the previous couple of decades. This junction rectifier to a lot of energy star compliant appliances that consume less power and demand less energy to work. This was because of considerations of upper carbon emissions and therefore the high prices of burning fossil fuels. The introduction of dual inverters in A/C created variable tariff potential.

With variable tariff, the A/C will fits the rotor speed and tariff supported the temperature of the space or the area. once it involves performance it doesn’t mean twin inverters area unit continually higher than its typical A/C counterpart. they’re simply a lot of economical. because the area cools, the mechanical device reduces its power consumption and electrical prices. For householders, this interprets to larger savings. So this the brief discussion on difference between dual Inverter and Inverter AC,

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