Drones Allow Us To See The World From A Newvantage Point

Central Park

Central Park occupies a huge space right in the middle of New York City. It is one of the most famous parks in the world. The winter scenery is breathtaking, even if you are running a few miles each morning.

However, this image is stunning because it shows us the area’s beauty during winter when the temperatures drop so low that snow covers every inch. Although New York City is full of people who are too busy living, Central Park is a perfect escape and gives them a sense of purpose.

Beach Chilling

Manta Rays are peaceful and quiet creatures. They prefer to stay at the bottom of the ocean floor and won’t be disturbed. It is breathtaking to see these magnificent creatures fly.

This drone photo is taken at a beach in Sri Lanka. Two women are enjoying a relaxing time on the sand. They don’t realize that there are a few of these rays nearby. These rays could be best friends, grazing in the water and looking out for people. Sounds like an excellent idea.

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