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Hilti Nuron Circular Saw

Ahh, the circular saw.  One of the most used tools in the carpenter’s arsenal.  From cutting plywood to 2-by’s, it’s a go-to tool.  This is why it’s important to have a great circular saw in any power tool manufacturer’s lineup.  So today we are talking about the Hilti Nuron Circular Saw.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw Overview

Every power tool manufacturer has a circular saw in their lineup.  However, not all of them are created equal.  For me, I am not a big fan of the saws that have the handle on top, I like it offset towards the back of the saw or at the rear.  So when I saw Hilti’s set up with the Nuron battery, I felt it might be right up my alley.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw Features

The SC 30WR-22 circular saw is designed around a brushless motor that provides fast cutting.  The saw offers a depth of cut of 2-5/8″ at 90 degrees and 2″ at 45 degrees.

This is powered by any of the Nuron 22V batteries*. And the weight of an installed battery on the back of the saw provides great balance. (*Hilti Nuron 22V platform explained here.)

The circular saw utilizes a 7-1/4″ blade.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw

The all-metal shoe helps the saw glide over your material. The smooth glide provides better control to get a straighter, cleaner cut.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw

If dust is an issue for you, you can easily connect this to a dust collection system using the built-in dust chute.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw

As noted above, the push handle has a nice location where it’s not on the top of the saw.  The handle is towards the back, making pushing it and working with the saw much easier. The front handle is well placed, thick, with a nice grip for good control.

It is a fresh breath of air; the markings are easy to read.  White print on black so you can easily set bevels, depths, and make straighter cuts.

The saw also has a foldable rafter hook so when not in use, it’s out of the way but still within reach.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw Performance

I was impressed but not surprised at the power of this saw. Not surprised because its design, power, and performance are consistent with what I’ve experienced so far with the rest of the Hilti Nuron lineup. The saw is powerful and easy to handle, I knew it would be another Nuron beast.  The only problem with Hilti’s Nuron system is they have raised the bar so much, I am going to expect this level of performance with all the new tools they release.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw Value

The saw runs about $280 for the bare saw.  Yes, it’s more money than some other professional saws on the market but this is worth every penny.  First, it’s powerful.  Second, it’s easy to work with. Third, it’s Hilti so I know it’s built tough and if there is a problem, I will be taken care of.  So yes, I will pay more for this tool, and it’s a fair price.

Hilti Nuron Circular Saw Wrap Up

Overall this is a nice addition to the Nuron platform.  Powerful and easy to use, what else could I want?  I have been so impressed with the Nuron platform and haven’t found any faults with it.  Yes, that does make me sound like a salesman, but when I am impressed with something, I have no problem saying so.

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