Mosquito Sniper System – Turn Any Blower into A Mist Blower

Mosquito Sniper System – Turn Any Blower into A Mist Blower

Mosquito Sniper Systems

I get it, we need bugs to make the world go round, it’s the circle of life.  However, it doesn’t stop me from complaining about them, and how annoying they are.  From mosquitos buzzing around your ear when you’re sleeping to ants crawling on your food during a picnic, bugs are frustrating.  So when we discovered there was an affordable way to get rid of these bugs around your house and yard, well that intrigued us.  So let’s talk about the Mosquito Sniper System, the genius way to control the bug population around your home.

Mosquito Sniper System Overview

Bugs are everywhere, inside and outside your house.  No matter what we do, they always seem to be in the places you don’t want them.  While they are annoying, some can also cause damage such as carpenter ants or termites.  In the past, the only real way to control these pests was to pay an exterminator or lawn service to come out every month or so and spray your yard, house, etc.  However, these services are expensive and who knows how effective they really are?  Sure you can find a reputable company but not every company or every worker is going to go that extra mile and care about your property as much as you do. So not only is it expensive, but you could just be throwing money away.

This brings me to an alternative solution and one that I think changes the way we control bugs and that is the Mosquito Sniper System.  This product was developed by a member of law enforcement (Ryan) who happens to also be a Sniper on a SWAT team.  His ingenious idea saves money and saves time.  While this product is designed for bugs, it has many other uses such as spraying weed killers, fertilizers, mild cleaners, disinfectants, de-icers, and more.

What is the Mosquito Sniper System?

So what is the Mosquito Sniper System (MSS)?  The MSS is a way to connect your tank sprayer with your blower and create a mister.  Before this invention a person only had two options, hire a company or buy a very expensive misting system.

Mosquito Sniper Systems

The MSS connects to the tank sprayer and the front tip of the blower. This connection creates a misting system that can then deliver all different types of liquid products.  So do you really need a blower?  Technically no, but if you don’t use a blower and rely on the sprayer alone, you will have two issues.  First, you will not be able to get into high spaces.  Second, you will just be spraying on top of the area and not be able to penetrate into areas such as bushes and hedges.  Bugs do not live on the outside of the bush or on top of the grass.  They live deep inside to protect themselves from predators.  So with the blower, it moves the leaves around and allows you to get product directly inside the bushes or far under a deck. To dig deeper into the MSS check out our Original Mosquito Sniper System – 1st Review.

Besides being able to get into higher places and deeper into bushes, the MSS saves time and money.

Money Savings – To have a company come to your house, expect to pay over $100 per visit/application.  Let’s not forget, they will usually just do the base of your house, other areas are add-ons.  With the MSS system, you can do your whole yard and house for as little as $3 per application.  This is my third year using this system and I am still on my first bottle of bug chemical I bought the whole bottle for $78 and that is with me spraying monthly and laying it on thick.

If you need to purchase insect repellent, here are two options I like: Mosquito Magician and CSI Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator.

Time Savings – Using the MSS is also a huge time saver.  With the blower, I can reach larger areas than I can when using only my tank sprayer.  The blower is able to spray from a distance and hit larger areas so less time walking around and less time messing around.

So for me, I love everything about the Mosquito Sniper System and always have. But early on in development, there were two issues, while minor, they were still issues.

Number of Systems – The goal has always been to design the MSS to work with any blower and most tank sprayers.  But as you would guess, there are so many manufacturers for both in the marketplace.  So in the beginning in order to be able to work with all the varieties of tank sprayers, MSS developed eight different systems, which was confusing for the consumer.

Weak Blowers – While it was great for 95% of the blowers, some of the weaker blowers couldn’t spray the mist far enough.  For those users, MSS still did a great job, but it wasn’t optimal.

So the team at MSS set out to solve these two problems, and they did. And in doing so they created the perfect solution for the homeowner.  So let’s check out the new changes that made an already great misting system into the perfect solution for backyard bug control.

Mosquito Sniper System – What’s New

If you were familiar with the previous systems, you might notice the new packaging.  While the new packaging is nice, that’s not the best part. The best part is that now there are only two systems that cover about 95% of the tank sprayers on the market.

If you have a tank sprayer, you only need to purchase a Universal System which is just a MSS system – everything you need to connect your tank sprayer to your blower. If you don’t have a tank sprayer, you can purchase a Complete Tank System which includes the MSS system, plus a 2-gallon tank sprayer.

Mosquito Sniper System Update

I know what you are thinking.  If they went from eight systems to a single universal system, does that mean fewer tank sprayers are compatible?  No, above is the list of all the compatible tank sprayers.

If your tank sprayer isn’t listed above, head over to the Mosquito Sniper System website and they can help. They still offer systems for the less common tank sprayers.

Mosquito Sniper System Update

So here is how it works.  The reason they had so many systems is that tank sprayers have different threads and use different nuts, which you can see above.  So they came up with a smart idea.  Still include all the different threads in a single package but also include a connector piece.  That way you are sure to get a correct fit every time.  This also means that if your tank sprayer dies or you purchase a different tank sprayer, you won’t have to buy a different MSS system.

The adapter does has a valve to help control flow but what I like best about this connector is that it’s a quality connector and not come cheap plastic connector to try and save money and cut corners.

So they took away the confusion of which system should you purchase, but what about dealing with weaker blowers?  Well, they tackled that problem too.  Each package has two different tips.  If you have a stronger blower you can still use the original single-spout tip.  But if you have a weaker blower, there is a 4-spout-tip to help break up the droplets even further and it makes it easier for the weaker blowers to push the mist farther and more evenly.

Mosquito Sniper System Update


In the package, there is also a Velcro strap to secure any hanging tubes/hoses attached to your blower and out of your way.

Mosquito Sniper System Performance

When it comes to performance, it doesn’t matter what tank sprayer or what blower you have, this Mosquito Sniper System performs like nothing else.  You can reach high places or deep places, and you can get on top of leaves while getting deep into the bush.

Set up is easy and it is even easier to use and spray your yard.  With the new and improved fixes, I really can’t find anything I don’t like about it.

I just like how I can spray as much or as little as I want.

Mosquito Sniper System Value

Both systems are priced at $59.99 on Amazon

I know what you might be thinking, why not just get the full tank system if it’s the same price?  Well, the full tank, while it comes with both tips, only comes with system #1 and is designed for that tank. The Universal System comes with systems #1-#5 so it is compatible with more tank sprayers.  So if you have your own tank sprayer, go with the universal system, plus if you ever change, you don’t have to buy a new MSS system.

For me, $59.99 is a drop in the bucket.  Maybe because I have been using this product and I know how great it works but even if you haven’t used it, compare it against the alternatives.  How much does it cost to have someone come and spray your yard?  Do you really trust they will do a great job?  Plus when you do your own yard, not only do you save money, but you get to pick what insecticide you want to use on your property.

The other alternative is buying a misting blower system but those are expensive and only serve one purpose.  With this, when you are not using it, you can still use your blower as you normally would.

All in all, $59.99 is a steal and a great value.

Mosquito Sniper System Wrap Up

So it’s time to wrap this up.  I could go on and on but I will keep it short.  This system saves time, saves money, and saves frustration.  You get to control how you want to spray and what type of spray you are using around your family.  In the end, you save a lot of money and you know it’s done right, plus you are not investing in any new tools for this task.  Oh yeah, it serves more than just bug control.

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