Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw Review

Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw Review

Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw Review

Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw (model R8656B)

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I never owned a 6 ½” cordless circular saw until I received the Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw to review.  My work partner Ed and I were skeptical of the saw, particularly because Ed had previous experiences with 6 ½” cordless circular saws that were underwhelming.  The smaller saw with a smaller blade and smaller batteries translated into smaller performance.  Thankfully, this new Ridgid 6 ½” saw was different.


The Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw follows a similar layout and design to other 6 ½” cordless circular saws I have handled in the past, with a left-blade configuration that is extremely common for the blade size.  Personally, I love left-bladed circular saws because they offer a nice sight-line to the blade for right-handed users.  The base plate on the saw is a full 5” wide and plenty long enough to engage the work surface.  The over-molded top handle feels comfortable and substantial, and the levers to change blade height and bevel are easy to access and adjust.  There’s even a rafter hook for slinging the tool onto the side of a sawhorse or nearby 2x framing member.

Features and Benefits

The Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw is packed with all sorts of features that you might find in a larger 7 ¼” sidewinder circular saw.  Ridgid advertises the following on its website:

  • Lightweight Design. Heavyweight Performance.
  • Pair with MAX Output batteries for maximum power
  • 5,000 RPM
  • 30% Lighter Weight when compared to RIDGID’s R8657 Brushless 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw
  • 27% More Compact when compared to the R8657 Brushless 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw
  • 50° Bevel Capacity cuts the most common angles
  • 2-1/4 in. Depth of Cut
  • Lightweight and Durable Magnesium Guard stands up to the toughest job sites
  • LED Light for improved visibility in low-light situations
  • Accepts 1-3/4 in. and 1-1/4 in. vacuum hose attachments

The Ridgid Subcompact Circular Saw has some impressive stats for its size.  They are as follows:

Maximum Cut Depth @ 90 Deg. 2-1/4 in
Product Height (in.) 7.56 in
Product Depth (in.) 12.91 in
Product Width (in.) 8.86 in
Bevel Capacity 50 °
Product Weight (lb.) 7.5 lb
Maximum Cut Depth @ 45 Deg. 1-5/8 in
Blade Diameter (in.) 6-1/2 in
Power Tool Features Depth Adjustment, LED Light, Variable Speed
Maximum Speed (rpm) 5000


On The Job

I quickly found that the Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw was a welcome addition to the job site. The first job I used the subcompact saw on was framing a garage.  What better place to test a circular saw than a framing site.  The compact design was light and nimble.   …so light that it could hang off a toolbelt while walking around the job.  The OEM blade from Ridgid was somewhat underwhelming, so after only about a dozen or so cuts through 2×6 lumber I decided to swap the blade for a new Diablo from Freud.  This definitely improved cut quality.

When paired with a Ridgid 18-volt, 4 Ah lithium battery, the saw has decent power and runtime. I managed to make 55 crosscuts on 2×6 SPF framing lumber with one battery.  I think this is respectable considering the size of the saw and the battery.  The Ridgid circular saw had no problem cutting “tough” building materials such as pressure-treated sill plates and ¾” OSB sheathing.

After the framing was complete on the garage, I started to see where this subcompact saw really shines – making quick cuts at different places around the job site.  I loved grabbing this subcompact saw for pre-cutting long lengths of trim lumber to bring them to a miter saw station, cutting small furring strips for our rain screen, and even breaking down waste to better fit in a burn pile or dump trailer.

Room For Improvement

I don’t have too many gripes about the Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw. None of my gripes are deal breakers, nor do they prevent me from grabbing the saw when I need or want it.

The blade guard and its handle feel light-duty to me, but after a ton of use it has held up with no issues. I honestly thought it would break, but it hasn’t.  The base plate of the saw is a bit thin, so running the plate against a speed square as a fence requires the user to handle the saw with a little more diligence.  The dust port is oriented directly facing the user.  At times, depending on what I’m cutting, this results in a ton of sawdust ending up in my tool belt.  The blade depth indicator is a little tough to read as it is a relatively small arrow on an already narrow piece of steel.  Positive stops for bevel adjustment would be nice but are really only a convenience when making repetitive adjustments between 0 degrees and 45 degrees.

Final Thoughts

The Ridgid 18v 6½” Circular Saw is great.  I use the saw all the time, as does my new apprentice.  While this saw probably doesn’t have a full-time position on a framing site, I would darn near consider it a “must have” for a remodeler, general contractor, DIYer, or homeowner.  Compact.  Light.  Easy to use.  What else can you ask for?



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