RYOBI Unveils World’s First 40V Kinetic Log Splitter – Tools In Action

RYOBI Unveils World’s First 40V Kinetic Log Splitter – Tools In Action

RYOBI log splitter

Historically, log splitters have been large cumbersome machines that typically run on gas, are noisy, and rely on a hydraulic system that can be slow and have an almost sluggish effect on log splitting process. Until Now! The new 40V RYOBI Log Splitter is the industry’s first to combine a battery operation with kinetic power to create a faster, powerful log splitter that is quiet in comparison to traditional gas, and is easy to move and store.

Today at TIA we are zooming in on this innovative log splitter to provide some insight on its power and use.

RYOBI Log Splitter Guide

40V RYOBI Log Splitter

RYOBI log splitter

  • Model Name: 40V HP Brushless Kinetic Log Splitter Kit
  • Model #: RY40740
  • Power Source: One RYOBI 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium Battery
  • Specs & Features: Splits logs with 12 tons of force, designed to cut up logs up to 20 in. long x 10 in. wide, quick two second cycle time between splits, 150 splits on one charge, cuts hard and soft woods, and offers more power than an 80cc gas engine.
  • Weight: 117 lbs.
  • Price: $999
  • Where to Buy: The Home Depot

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How to Use & Store RYOBI Log Splitter

This log splitter has a really straightforward operation, but before I talk about that I want to mention the design and construction.

First, I just want to talk about the heavy-duty, full steel construction with all-terrain wheels. This thing is durable and is fairly easy to move around to where you need it, especially with the ergonomic grips. At 117 lbs. it is lighter than gas models, as electric models tend to be. Which, once again, makes it easier to maneuver.

How to Use

  1. To turn on press down on the “ON” switch.
  2. Place wood vertically in the log tray.
  3. Remove hands and step behind or to the side of the log splitter.
  4. There are two handles protruding over the engine. Place one hand on each. The one closer to the on/off switch is the safety. Pull this lever down.
  5. To split, use your other hand to pull the lever closest to the splitter, this is the release lever.
  6. Wood should split in half and fall away. Halves can then be repositioned to cut into quarters.
  7. Once done, press down on the “OFF” switch.

How to Store

When not in use the splitter can be tilted back to rest vertically for more compact storage.

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Opinion on RYOBI Log Splitter

I’m not going to lie. When researching this product we came across a few videos of this product in use and all we could think was, “That looks fun!” Now, we may be crazy and biased as tool lovers. But the speed, straightforward and easy-to-use functionality, and the fact that it’s quiet made the RYOBI 40V Log Splitter appealing to us. We would love to get one in and play with it.

The only drawback that we find is that this log splitter is meant for trees with a 10 in. diameter or smaller. However, this Mark Thomas Builder video shows the 40V RYOBI Log Splitter tackling larger trees. It just initially took a little extra effort. Even with the size limitation in mind, it’s still very useful and is a great size for splitting thicker branches in addition to smaller and medium-sized trees.

So, if you have a wooded property or regularly split trees in 10 in. diameter range then the 40V RYOBI Log Splitter might be perfect for you.

The kinetic power makes this log splitter up to 10 times faster than competing models and it could potentially speed up your log splitting time.

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Log splitters are not a tool you just have on hand, especially the 40V RYOBI Log Splitter, which retails for $999 at The Home Depot. When the single tree in your yard falls down you can just rent a log splitter or pay a professional to handle the cleanup.

However, if you have a wooded yard or regularly clean up trees or split wood then this log splitter could be an asset in your garage. Also, if The Home Depot makes these available to rent, the straightforward use and ability to communicate easily with a partner would make this log splitter a great rental option.

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