The Best Lockbox | Reviews by Wirecutter

The Best Lockbox | Reviews by Wirecutter

We chose the best lockbox after spending hours on research, interviews, and tryouts, as well as shadowing professional locksmiths as they mimicked burglar break-ins. For this update, we scoured the field for new entries that could meet our standards—and we found none. Our original pick, the Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe, remains the best lockbox available, hands down.

Other unique features include a sturdy, quarter-inch-thick zinc alloy exterior, a door with an unusually tight fit to the box, and unique sloping sides that deflect prying and striking tools. The roomy, robust wall-mounted design is also more secure than the shackle-style mounts you see on other models. No competitor has come up with—or even tried to come up with—a better mix of security features and value.

Our pick

Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe

The Kidde is an affordable high-quality lockbox, and for our locksmith testers, its unique combination dial design was consistently the toughest to break open.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $35.

The Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe is the only affordable lockbox with a combination dial, which our professional locksmith testers found much more difficult to pick than the wheel-style or push-button locks you see from the competition. Unless you spend more than $400 for a professional kit, you can’t find another model like it.

Also great

Hide-a-Key Fake Rock

Cheap and simple, this fake rock is not at all secure, but it can keep a spare key safe—just make sure you put it in a discreet location.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $4.

The Kidde stands alone as the only affordable combination dial lock, and the design is so superior to the competition that we don’t really recommend anything similar as a runner-up. If you can’t find the Kidde or want to spend less money, your best bet is subterfuge. For that, we recommend the Hide-a-Key Fake Rock, an inexpensive camouflage box that can conceal a key in a hidden location on or near your property. This was our budget pick in this guide’s original version, and no manufacturer has come up with a challenger to it. We’d like to say we’re shocked, but it seems you just can’t beat a cheap fake rock.

Also great

Kidde Safety Portable KeySafe

Magnetic and secure, this box is a great option for outdoor adventurers who need to hide keys under a car or truck while swimming or surfing.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $33.

The Kidde Safety Portable KeySafe, the mobile version of our main pick and a very useful device for outdoorsy people who need to leave a key hidden on a vehicle while they go boating, surfing, or swimming.

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