You’re sure to find canned food in any grocery store. Although canning preserves perishable foods from going wrong, opening cans can sometimes be challenging. Thanks to the latest technology, manufacturers have come up with a faster way to open the lid.

This is not yet happening, so it’s essential to have a can opener in every kitchen. There are many can openers on the market, and it can be challenging to choose one. Let’s take a look at the different types of can openers on the market and what to look out for when buying one.

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Can opening is an essential task and not something to be enjoyed. When buying a can opener, there are several things you need to consider. It should be simple but also practical and long-lasting. These are the top can openers.

Frequency of use

What frequency do you intend to use your can opener? Comfortable can openers are essential for people who use them daily. You don’t have time to turn the lid every time you open the can.

Comfort is not essential if you use your opener only once or twice monthly. You can choose a sturdy opener that requires less maintenance. An opener that has a particular handle or color is unnecessary.

It’s easy to use

It is not a good idea to spend too much time opening cans only to find a light metal rim. You want an opener that is simple to use and will save you time. You’re better off using electric can openers than manual ones. Manual models can be equipped with gears that make flipping easier. It all depends on your financial situation and physical abilities.


Your can opener’s durability will depend on its cutting power and lifespan. The lifespan of a chromed or carbon steel model will be longer because it can withstand the impact of cutting through a can. These can openers can open heavy cans.


There are many types of can openers available:

Can Openers with Electricity

The electric can openers are simple to use. Depending on the model, you just need to turn the lever or push the button. The machine does all of the work. The magnet on this can opener holds the can and turns it through the blades. Batteries can power some models.

Can openers require space on your worktop? They are an excellent option for those with weak upper limbs or hands with poor grip. They need two hands to operate. The opener will shut down after you remove the top.

Manual Can Openers

A manual can opener is an excellent choice if you don’t use canned foods often. Turn the crank or wheel, and the lid will slide under the spinning blades. They are also affordable, making them great for those on a tight budget.

Manual can openers, on the other hand, require that you have solid hands and a steady thump to use them. This can be a problem for older people with arthritis. They are also not dishwasher-friendly and rust faster than other options.

There are many manual can openers, such as:

Butterfly Can Opener

The rotating cutting wheel of the butterfly can opener breaks the top of the container, grips the lid, and spins to open it. These can openers come with pliers, tongs, or a key you need to turn. The serrated wheel is used to open the can and also acts as a bunker opener.

Can Opener Lever-type

Because of its unique shape, the lever-type can opener has also been called the claw-type opener. This type of can opener was popular back in the day, but it is still in use today. It works by using a sickle-shaped knife to puncture the lid. The shield blade is curved and prevents the opener’s cutting into the can.

Key Style Openers

The critical style openers are shaped like keys and feature a twisting metal piece. These can openers can be used safely and are readily available in many hotels and households. Attach the critical opener along its cap to puncture the key with the pointed edge.

This type of can opener is not recommended for use. This can be used to open a beer and soft drinks that need to be consumed immediately.

There are many can openers on the market. It is essential to find one that suits your needs and fits your budget. It’s your right to have an easy-to-use tool.

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